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Suherman Suherman


This research uses a qualitative approach. The technique for collecting data sources in this research uses Snow Bolling Sampling. The data collection procedures used were observation, review and documentation study. In carrying out this data analysis, several methods are used, namely the induction method, deduction method and comparison method. School-Based Management (SBM) is a management approach that involves schools in making decisions related to the management of educational resources and activities, with the aim of improving the quality of education. In the context of MTs Bustanul Ulum OKU Timur, implementing SBM can be an effective strategy for developing students' interest in reading and learning. Developing Policies and Programs Schools need to establish policies that support literacy development, such as setting daily or weekly reading hours. Arranging programs such as mobile libraries, book clubs, or other literacy activities that encourage students to read regularly. Expand the collection of books that are interesting and suit students' interests, both fiction and non-fiction. Improve library facilities with comfortable reading areas and extend library operating hours so that students can more easily access books. Hold training for teachers on creative and fun teaching methods that can foster students' interest in reading and learning. Provide teachers with the opportunity to learn the latest learning methods that focus on increasing student literacy and learning motivation. Establish regular communication with parents about the importance of reading at home and provide suggestions for reading activities with the family. Building a digital library that students can access from home, making it easier to access a variety of reading sources. Using an interactive online learning platform to make the learning process more interesting and support independent learning.

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